Samstag, 1. Februar 2020

Lungs of the town hall (english)

The sound artist Anja Kreysing dedicates an audiovisual 7 minute to the usual noise of the ventilation system of an aging city hall - on a Friday, the 13th of September last year.

From the fishy gills in the concrete of the post-utopian functional building in Ahlen, air penetrates into the public space and results in an opto-acoustic, gentle roar - an audiovisual masterpiece that Kreysing calls the lungs of the town hall.
Arranged in a pattern to a variable breathing frequency, the stoic uniformity of which is confronted with a continuous inequality of airy outflows. A sensual deconstruction of the ventilation system from 1977 - a fading lung noise from a long faded hot autumn. A first class tribute to the town hall.

The work originated in the context of the first sketch meeting when we met in Ahlen for aesthetic reflections in the #underconstructions project. The topic was, is and remains the brutalist municipal administration and event building, which is threatened with demolition.

In her lung portrait of a numbered building, Kreysing leaves open whether the building is running out of air. Her pictures move on the edges of a post-depressive description on the borders of a burgeoning nostalgia around the lost 1970s and 1980s of another millennium.

To see and to hear!

Ruppe Koselleck,
as artistic director and curator of the
KunstVerein Ahlen e.V.

 #underconstructions always sees SUBVERSION as a utopian sub version - other versions of possible realities. These were supported by the support of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the STADTBESETZUNG project, the Kultursekretariat Gütersloh.

 Our thanks also go to the undisclosed sponsors and above all to the free initiative of the artists mentioned above!

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